About Crypto Commando Coin

CCC is the first coin with real value based on three pillars:

šŸ’¹Trading AI – Web3Ā  šŸŽ®Gaming MetaverseĀ  šŸŽ“Academy

We have only one mission. Targeting a value, take our profits and return to our base like Commandos.

Trader Principles

The right Trader knows that there is no bottom or top. Values do not belong to the power of statistics, they are not constant and above all they are Īæf dynamic state, which means that data update is a daily process. The job of the right Trader is to be able to detect on time any change of the data and adjust his assessment based on them.
The right Trader must not have sensitivities and succumb to the temptation to like a value. If he falls into this trap it is mathematically certain that he will lose money since his judgment is not impartial for this value.
Finally the right Trader is obliged to set goals and keep them. Greed has no place in the Trader’s temperament, and he is punished with a great loss of money.
Trust is key issue in our project and our community, so remember to trust the right Trader.

The team


The Crypto Commando team was built on these exact principles, serving them for over 30 years.
We made the big decision to open the door to a wider investment crowd, so that, together with our good friends who have trusted us all these years, everyone can enjoy the result of our work.
Our job is only one thingā€¦ .the special mission. We hit a value, take our profits and return to our base like Commandos.

The recruitment has began and from today you can also become one of us, a Crypto Commando!

Why us?

Trading runs a long history in our family,since 1991. In these years we gave many battles, faced all kinds of difficulties, learned from our mistakes, and today the team is ready, more mature and stronger than ever for the next step.Crypto Commando project is created for the people and based on three pillars.

First of all the crypto trading.Trusting the right trader is very important because as we all know trading by yourself is risky and can lead to a great loss of money.

Another reason to trust this process is that this project will not only make you profits but is mostly based on the education of the public regarding crypto market and values. We want to create a well-informed and educated community, so that you have a better understanding of the market, our work and the global crypto scene.

Last but not least, we want people to have FUN!! Crypto Commando game platform is bringing a next level of recreational gaming experience including special missions,fun games and quiz,all serving an educational purpose.
You play,you learn and you also get qualified for big rewards and in some high-rank cases an actual income.
Canā€™t get better than this!!


In a few days it will be available to the public, and people will be able to get the basic information for FREE.
The immediate and complete one that ONLY those who have invested in a share, i.e.$10,000, now have, will now also be available to those who invest $100.


For the reason that those who are recruited will have ranks, for example the rank of soldier, sergeant, officer, etc. the information will be given to the officers and they will pass it to their subordinates, with a time delay.
Ranks will be obtained based:
a) On the personal investment amount
b) On the total investment amount of his team
c) On the success of his missions.

Income opportunities


Each promotion is accompanied by a salary increase

Those who get the maximum rank will be additionally rewarded by managing a sensitive sector such as ammunition depot, fuel depot, catering depot, doctor’s office, communications, etc. Of course, managing them will give significant financial benefits.